Two Wheelers Loan

“We are different because we value the customers need”


The following advantages that accompany NEW DEEP FINANCE COMPANY to make it very popular in the market for TWO WHEELERS   loan.


  • Unlike the other organisation’s we provide the explicit offers that we show case.
  • We deliver the promised rate of interest whereas, other organisations will have a difference between their show cased and on offer rate of interest, which increases from 12.2% to 14% and you would not even notice it.
  • Other organisation’s will deceive the customer by formulating the EMI from the loan amount for 23 months, whereas it should be for 24 months which will enhance the rate of interest automatically .But the NEW DEEP FINANCE CO. will prepare your EMI from the loan amount for 24 months which will save you Rps.6000 (approx.) in the tenure of two years and saving is always better.

  •  Don’t worry if your cibil score is not up to the mark. We rely on the customer” s  profile and the reputation you have with the dealership.
  •  Lowest rate of interest in PUNJAB, HARYANA & CHANDIGARH.
  • We provide the Lowest processing fees at the lowest rate of Interest.
  • EMI is generated as per customer’s requirement (by cash or through cheque).
  • So, with the help of financial services with NEW DEEP FINANCE CO. now, you can go ahead and realize your dreams of owing two wheelers.

NOTE- we do the field investigation which is necessary.

Documentation required for two –wheelers loan

  • Photocopy of any of your ID PROOF such as, driving license , voter id,  aadhar card, passport and  pan card ,two photographs.
  • Photocopy of your residential address proof such as any address bearing identity card, rental/lease agreement or ration card, electricity or water bill.
  • Documents supporting your income such as bank statements, salary slips and IT return.
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